Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sorry, This Spot is Took'en

Peter and I went to Hollywood, FL for a conference and we stayed at the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel, which was lots of fun - most especially because things are open 24 hours, which is important to us since we never go to sleep. They upgraded us into a hotel room which had the most gigundous tub, which could easily have fit four people. The last time I ran a bath was five years ago, when I lived in my old apartment in Queens. All the tubs we've had since then have been so small it wasn't worth the bother. It was so great to have a real bathtub and we've decided that even if we have to put a tub in our bedroom, that it is worth it.

One thing that happened in Florida is that after Peter and I settled into a prime spot down by the pool, a girl across the way says to me:

"Sweetie, you've got to move, those chairs are took'en."

"You mean, these chairs are taken?" I asked.

"NO! They're TOOK'EN!"

Peter was convinced that she was foreign, but she did not speak with an accent and I don't think foreigners would have called me sweetie.


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