Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Happy family day - June 25, 2005

We just spent the day with Peter’s family. We left half an hour earlier than it takes to get to his house, so of course we were half an hour late and the last to arrive. The second we got to the apartment, Peter got out the vacuum cleaner and his mother completely went ape-shit. We were supposed to show up early to vacuum the floor – but there was traffic and then a wrong turn in a very scary part of the Bronx, and sometimes we just don’t get what we want so suck it!

Another reason why I don’t think Peter’s sister and I will ever be best buds:

When her husband invited Tina to sit next to him so that Peter and I could sit together, her response was, “I am NOT moving. I’m GOOD WHERE I AM!

I felt like saying – “I know that you couldn’t be bothered to come to my bridal shower, refused to show up an hour earlier to our wedding to take family photos, and have never shown up to a birthday party/housewarming/Christmas dinner at our home, but is too much to ask to MOVE YOUR FAT ASS one seat down so that I can sit with my husband?”

I can’t believe that Peter was raised by these people.


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